Lens Culture Submission Review



I love to getting into a strong empathic relationship with my subjects, trying to understand and to represent them in the way that makes them feel happy, handsome and self confident. These five photos are the result of many years of experimentation and study, always lived in constant search of the perfect momentum, the instant in which the subject is revealed to me for what it is. This is in my opinion the deepest sense of portrait photography.


Thank you for showing these portraits. They are very good and show the level of expertise you have attained at technique and style. I enjoy the relaxed nature of many of the poses, because the people seem happy and confident. You have helped them model their bodies in ways that is positive and happy.


Your lighting is beautiful, and balanced and always flattering.


The light in image No. 3 is beautiful. The shadow edge transfer is very gradual on the right side and so it allows us to see the shape of his jaw and nose without losing the detail of his eyes. This can be challenging for some, but you have mastered that. The light in image No. 5 is lovely on her shoulders and cheeks, and provides separation from the background. I admire your lighting work!


In image No. 1 you have used the short focal plane to de-accentuate the nose and so the area of focus flattens out her features. The light is used to flatten the features, also, and so the way you use the camera syntax becomes part of your style. I think that I would enjoy seeing more of this type of image, which I think can become a signature style for you.


Image No. 4 is my favorite for no other reason than that it is fun, and you have used photography's ability to mime reflection and time as a way of shaping the personality. The reflection gives us two photographs, and I would like to see more of this work.


One negative thing to go along with all the positives -- the crop in image No. 1 is severe. I would be careful about giving a lobotomy to a beautiful woman.


But there are so many positives to say about your work .... keep up the good work and sharing your work with the world!

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